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January 24 2017


− “I’m a visionary riley.”
≫ farkle’s future is hella bright!
cc mpas − #gmwfutureconw3


− “they call me the bomb.”
she finally owns her inner badass.
≫ cc mpas − #gmwfutureconw2


− success and happiness.
≫ #gmwfutureconw1
≫ cc mpas − ac (?)


− can he punch me?
≫ penetrator chris | the coast
ac me cc lighthearted dt loml 💛

January 21 2017


want to get out of here ?


me: still heartbroken

dt: crucio grimes, king grimes


;au . the ending they deserved
- im not gonna forgive myself for this one
_ac kvnai_
- 💑🏡 -




Sorry I prefer Gucci Negan FUCK ME up thanks



January 20 2017


This had to be my last edit because ENDGAME 💓
‣ DT - Salvadore + Woah Stefan + Essence


Can these two get married already??
- this is my last post, thank you guys for everything ❤


my babies
─ goodbye vine

January 18 2017


I don’t want to be alone.


jasper & octavia

December 25 2015

7163 c899 500



but where’s thomas sanders’ six selfies of the year huh

Oh! Here’s a few! I hope these will do?




My mother is a die-hard conservative Republican. When I told her I had registered to vote, she rolled her eyes at me. When I asked why, she told me that “the worst thing for America is young, stupid liberals voting.” Liberals in the U.S. outnumber conservatives. The only reason Republicans win is because more of them vote. If you want us to win this upcoming election, get to the polls and vote, especially if you’re voting for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Hillary has a lot more money and name recognition than Bernie does, so the primaries will be very important. Even if Bernie doesn’t win the primaries, Hillary being president will be a lot better than Donald Trump or Jeb Bush running this country further into the ground. Abstaining from voting in the general election because you don’t like Hillary will give the Republicans a victory on a silver platter and that is the worst thing that could happen right now.

Reblogged this twice. I don’t even live in the US.



*eats a salad one time* i am honestly the most pure being on this earth i can feel the toxins escaping my body right in this moment. health is a lifestyle


@americans who are young: 20% is the correct amount to tip your server or delivery person



i say this (and repeat it a lot. probably too much. sorry.) because i know a lot of younger people who are just starting to go places on their own do not know how much they should tip, and i know this because i have heard this dilemma come up sometimes w/ tables of teens i’ve waited on, cause they just don’t know. 

i’m here 4 u teens of america: it’s 20%, unless ur waiter is an asshole (like not bad day asshole but Premium Asshole Asshole) or creepy, in which case it is 15%, dropping appropriately to 10% as their Assholery or Creepiness climbs.

just multiply what your bill is by two and drop the second digit. for example: i spend 15 bux, 15x2 = 30, drop the second digit and the appropriate 20% tip is 3 bux.  or u spent 48 bux, thats like 96, that’s p close to 100 so just tip 10 bux to be Cool. 

if you stay at the table for a long time, also compensate accordingly – servers usually have a limited number of tables that they are given responsibility for (so these five or six tables in the corner are my section, anyone who sits there is my table to take care of) and if you camp out for a long time that can cut into yr servers ability to Make doll4rs and/or Leave Work.

if you know that you’re gonna be catching up w/ an old friend for two hours, you can, honestly, just go “hey i’m planning on chatting w/ my friend for a while, but I know we’re taking up this table, and I’m going to tip extra for your time” and that’ll work out for everyone in the long run. people like to know you’re trying to be respectful of their time + effort. everyone is nice, everyone has a nice good time. 

okay this is seriously really good info. like i didn’t know about the multiplying by two and dropping the second digit thing and i’m in my late 20′s. it’s going to make tipping a hell of a lot easier!!!

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